Skylight Fall Protection

Although they may appear to be safe, skylights can shatter on impact and present a very dangerous fall protection hazard.  Unless the skylight is designed to withstand a fall impact, OSHA concludes that they should be regarded as an open hole through which persons may fall.  OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.23(a)(4) requires that skylights in the roof of buildings through which persons may fall while walking or working shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides.

Peak Fall Protection can provide skylight screens to meet OSHA requirements of 1910.23.  Screens provide a low profile safety solution and are available in galvanized or stainless steel.  As another alternative, a freestanding skylight guardrail system does not penetrate the roof membrane and prevents the worker from reaching the fall hazard.