Houston, Texas

North Houston Marriott

The North Houston Marriott roof is comprised of various pieces of equipment that are located near a roof edge, such as HVAC equipment and telecommunication equipment, and require frequent service and maintenance. Peak Fall Protection was contracted to design and install permanent guardrail systems protecting users when servicing this equipment, as well as when traversing the roof along tight corners and spaces. The PFP team completed an interactive design process with the building owner and associated contractors to ensure all access needs were being met. Subsequent installation by PFP’s team of competent technicians included mounting the permanent guardrail systems to the concrete slab, routing the railing around obstructions and rooftop equipment, and removing and installing a new exterior OSHA compliant fixed ladder for access to the penthouse. Maintenance staff and contractors are now able to access their respective equipment safely and remain protected from falls as they work on the roof.