New York, New York

Lasdon House

5143 - Lasdon House (NY)

Often the most effective fall protection plan is a blend of solutions. Where access is high frequency or high duration, installation of passive fall protection, such as guardrails, becomes even more critical for an effective safety plan. Where architectural considerations prevent installation of guardrails and where maintenance is completed infrequently by properly trained staff, active fall protection systems such as single point anchors and horizontal lifelines are appropriate. Rooftop fall protection for the Lasdon House building at Cornell Weill Medical College in New York City was designed, furnished, and installed by Peak Fall Protection as a blend of fall protection systems to suit architectural and budget needs while providing a safe and practical means to protect employees from fall hazards.

Peak Fall Protection Has Joined the Diversified Fall Protection Family

We are pleased to announce Diversified Fall Protection has acquired Peak Fall Protection. Our website is going away soon, but you’ll still have access to Peak’s industry-leading solutions and experience the same level of customer care and attention to detail. We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join us for this next chapter. To learn more about Diversified Fall Protection, visit us at

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