Marietta, Georgia

Lockheed Martin

Peak Fall Protection has provided turnkey design and installation of several types of fall protection systems on various buildings at the Lockheed Martin campus in Marietta, GA. Based on specific buildings and associated hazards, the PFP design team was able to propose both “passive” and “active” fall protection solutions where appropriate. Horizontal lifeline systems, a form of “active” fall protection where the user must actively engage the system to be protected, were installed at several buildings. These lifeline systems feature a continuous travel, or pass-through, function that allows a user to pass over intermediate anchors without the need to disengage and reengage as they move about the system.  This decreases the possibility of a user being unattached and unprotected from a fall hazard at intermediate anchor transitions. Where breaks in systems are required, such as at expansion or control joints, PFP designed and installed permanent guardrail systems to protect the user during the transition from one cable system to the next. PFP also designed and installed various ramps and crossover systems to facilitate safe access over expansion joists and rooftop equipment.