Ladder Safety

Although very necessary, ladders present significant danger to the climber when not designed or used properly.  Peak Fall Protection provides inspection and hazard analysis service to determine ladder safety needs and remediation.  Fall prevention safeguards are available to assist the user while climbing, at point of egress to a rooftop, or ingress through a roof hatch.


The transition to and from the top of a fixed roof ladder is a significant fall hazard.  Because the worker’s position is directly adjacent to the fall hazard, kneeling, crouching, or pausing to engage active safety equipment such as a user’s lanyard is often not ideal.  Rather, a passive system that allows the user to walk safely and directly to or from the fall hazard requires little interaction where otherwise a misstep can lead to a severe fall.  The Ladderguard system was developed as an efficient method to protect the user at the point of ladder to roof transition, and is a non-roof penetrating assembly.  This simple yet effective solution is affordable and with various low maintenance finish options.

Ladder Climbing Safety Systems

Vertical climbing on taller ladders can be physically challenging, especially to climbers that are not properly trained and conditioned.  Ladder climbing safety systems provide easy to use hands free connection to minimize free fall distance and to safely arrest the user’s fall.  A rigid rail system with integrated fall arrestor locks immediately in the event of a fall, providing the user assurance to navigate the ladder confidently.