Guardrail Systems

Guardrails are a simple and effective form of fall protection which requires minimal employee training and interaction.  Peak Fall Protection offers traditional structure mounted guardrail systems as well as ballasted systems that do not require roof penetration.  Both systems are designed to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your specific application.

Structure Mounted Guardrail Systems

Because building structure varies per locations, guardrail systems that mount to structure are not universal.  Although posts, top rail, and mid rail may be very similar from one building to the next, proper attachment to the building structure is paramount.  The Peak Fall Protection engineering team will review building drawings and design a system to minimize impact to existing building components, while ensuring proper attachment as required to meet OSHA fall protection standards.  Our structure mounted guardrail systems may be designed for attachment to various types of roof, floor, or wall structures.  When custom components are needed to achieve the most effective and visually desirable option, Peak Fall Protection fabricates to suit and offers turnkey installation by our trained technicians, ensuring quality control through the entire process.

Download PDF Spec Sheet – RM-GR 1000-GALV

Ballasted Guardrail Systems

Ballasted guardrail systems are an effective and affordable alternative to structure mounted guardrail systems for existing buildings in need of roof safety edge protection.  Applied loads are transferred to a non-roof penetrating base weight which allows for OSHA compliance while also eliminating need for removal and replacement of roofing materials.  Peak Fall Protection offers turnkey installed ballasted guardrail systems as a simple permanent solution, or for temporary fall protection needs.

Download PDF Spec Sheet – BRM-GR 4000