Access Platforms and Crossovers

As a distributor of Erectastep products, Peak Fall Protection provides turnkey installed elevated work platform and rooftop crossover assemblies. Standard aluminum platform, stair, and guardrail components may be customized to suit unique access challenges as a time and cost sensitive solution. The aluminum construction requires virtually no maintenance and is designed to minimize roof loads where heavier components may otherwise require structural bracing.

Platform and stair assemblies are OSHA compliant and the experienced staff at Peak Fall Protection will provide 3D renderings of the proposed assembly to ensure compatibility with site dimensions. High precision components are bolted together to reduce erection time and without need for hot work above finished roofs or other sensitive areas. Elevated work platforms may be used as a ladder replacement for access to parts such as valves or filters which require regular maintenance. Save time and eliminate costs associated with engineering and fabrication of traditional shop-built work platforms by contacting Peak Fall Protection for a quote!


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